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Carl Merzi is founder and President of Interfacing Company of Texas, Inc. (ICTX), and the co-founder and President of WaveMedia, Inc. and WaveMedia Telecom, LLC.

Founded in 1986 as a structured (LAN, voice, video, and other Class 2) cabling company, Carl has since directed ICTX into complimentary business lines, including fiber optic network construction and business broadband services.  A noteworthy component of this shift is that ICTX now owns, in partnership with WaveMedia, Inc., one of the largest fiber optic networks in the Houston metropolitan area.

Co-founded with Mr. Sammons in 2003, WaveMedia, Inc.‘s initial focus was fiber network construction, ownership, and business broadband in the Montgomery County (Texas) market.  This has since expanded into municipal wireless and other ancillary product offerings that leverage ICTX and WaveMedia’s regional network.

WaveMedia Telecom, formed in order to be a Texas CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier), was co-founded with Mr. Sammons in 2007, and has allowed ICTX and WaveMedia, Inc. to strategically leverage resources available only to certified telecommunications providers.

“This is an incredibly exciting period for our businesses as we leverage the tremendous capacity of our fiber infrastructure and experience, in order to continue our growth and become a major contender in our focused business segments.  I’m incredibly proud of our employees and management team, and their accomplishments that have allowed our companies to achieve this significant level of success”.

Mr. Merzi’s background includes the management of electrical construction and education-focused ISP businesses, including serving as a director.

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